Following his recent retirement from playing basketball at the end of Sumer Season 2014/2015, Darren Quinn, Whyalla's most decorated player in the history of the world, agreed to sit down and tell his story.

 Darren started playing as a 4 ½ year old and retired after 42 years of basketball, including 31 years playing A grade in Whyalla, interrupted by a 3 year stint playing in Adelaide District and SEABL competition with Woodville.

 In this time Darren won 22 A grade MVP awards and was a key player in 24 A grade premiership teams.

 This story is a long one, but it is worth hearing and so it has been broken up into 3 chapters.

 Chapter 1Might as well start at the beginning.

 In this first chapter Darren talks about the wonderful old lady who got him hooked on the game (and she’s still there – Pat Kemp), the players he aspired to beat as he began to take his basketball more serious (Ray Williamson, Peter Dawson and Trevor Castle- not aiming too high there), and about his move to Adelaide to play with Woodville where he played against NBL legends such as Al Green, Mark Davis, Dwayne Nelson, Scott Ninnis and others.



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