After a warm welcome back by Ron Swanson, we enter the final instalment of the Quinny mini-series where Darren offers his advice to young players then acknowledges the support, encouragement and inspiration of the many people who have made significant impact on his basketball life and / or Whyalla basketball in general.

After recording and editing the interview on the final review he realised he had forgotten to acknowledge the huge workload undertaken for the WBA by Darren Hoffman. (A terrible oversight since Hoffy’s name was at the top of his list of names he intended to mention). Apologies to Hoffy from Quinny, you are a huge part in making the WBA work.

It is clear Darren holds a special place in his heart for WBA legend Pat Kemp ( Pat has been an administrator for the WBA throughout all of Darren’s 42 year career.) and that he appreciates the support he received from his parents, his brothers Brian and Michael and especially his wife Fiona.

It is also clear after talking with Darren about his career and ongoing passion for the game that Whyalla Basketball would be much poorer without the involvement of the Quinn family for the past 42 years.

Off the record- (until now)

Q: Does he miss playing?

A: More than ever, “But the body doesn’t hold up to the White Line fever”!

Q: Now with a nephew and son already playing A grade is he tempted to give it one more go?

A: Never say Never (LOL)


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