Quinny Chapter 2Quinny returns with some Razzle DazzleRaz in his slippers

When preparing this video for its premier release, we were approached by a couple of under employed British actors looking for an opportunity to break into the lucrative “Whyalla basketball Association web site voice over” market. We were looking for someone to do a voice over introduction so had to choose between Mr Bean and Batman’s Alfred.

The story continues- After spending 3 years playing in the Adelaide District competition as well as the SEABL with Woodville, Darren (Razz) Quinn decided to return home to Whyalla, a more mature person and now a totally dominant player.

He talks about the Whyalla Warriors era, a 4 year period when Whyalla had men’s and women’s teams competing in a state wide regional basketball competition (Southern Conference Basketball.) Darren was selected in the All Star First 5 all 4 years of the competition. Darren also won the League MVP and was the Leading scorer in the competition for its last 2 seasons.

In this chapter he also talks about some of his great team mates like Wayne Wilson, Chris Blakemore, The Higgins brothers (Andrew, Neil, Tony) Shaun Clements and some of his great opponents like Andrew Corbett, The Boundy brothers (Scott and Shane) , Dean Revil.



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