SHARKS– Basketball club was started by a group of policemen in 1988.  In the early years Organisation & administration of Sharks including a monthly gazette featuring awards such as the Gummy Shark award was done by Greg “Toots” & Cindy Turner & Phil & Debbie Twiggs.

Sharks Emblem

Helen Hansen, Cathy (Chandler) McKenzie & Fiona (Hobbs) Quinn switched to Sharks from Magpies allowing them to collect 3 WA titles in their 1st 3 seasons. Sharks had a transient population & up & down results due to police transferring in & out of town.

When Toots left town in the mid 90’s the club suffered & threatened to collapse until another police officer, Kelly Fletcher, took over. When Kelly transferred in 2005 Jodie How took over & has managed the club almost single handedly since.

Sharks have changed their uniform colour over the years: they started as Grey & Black, changed to Purple & Yellow in the 90’s then in 2007 changed again to Marron, Silver & Navy.