Most seven and eight team comps play their last minor rnd games this week. Because they finish early most will play a 3 rnd final series, semi's next week and prelim and GF in the following week. This is not the case for all these comps as unfortunately the State champ weekend blocked us from using Frid night in rnd 15 so the Friday night games have been spread thru the week in to available time slots.


This weekend we are running an hour long shooting clinic for players of all abilities from U12-16. 11am - 12pm Sunday.
Ccome and work on your shooting with a range of skills and drills that you can take home and work on in your own backyard!!


It's WBA policy for only coaches to bring balls to the stadium on Junior nights. Spectators are not permitted to shoot in timeouts or between 1/4. This is a very real safety concern we had one of our own referee's go down very heavily just before Xmas injuring himself.
Below is one of many concerned parents that have contacted us on this issue putting their concerns in writing.
"Can we please stop kids bringing basketballs in to the stadium during game days! It is very frustrating watching my sons team play while other non players are bouncing the ball along side the court as well as hogging the court right before our games while the team are trying to warm up. Then taking shots during quarter and half time. As a family we have also tried to sit up stairs and watch the games but have had to move due to teenagers having mini basketball games up stairs."


Parents/Care Providers

The WBA are excited to see the increased number of older primary school aged/young teenaged children attending the stadium on a Friday night. We see that as a vote of confidence in the environment we are trying to create within the stadium. Parents and care givers should be aware however, that we have noticed a increasing trend occurring with this group. They attend the stadium for a period of time then leave heading out onto the athletics oval or other parts of Jubilee Park for extended periods of time, returning when the last game is about to conclude to be collected and taken home. The WBA are concerned of this activity and wish to remind parents/care givers that our, the WBA's duty of care, does not extend to all parts of Jubilee Park. We will ensure your child is safe and have processes in place to ensure this within the stadium , however, once they choose to leave they have no supervision. A very concerning comment was heard last night coming from the mouth of an 11 year old child as to what they had been up to whilst absent from the stadium, he may have been trying to big note himself, however, it was concerning. We ask all Parents/Care Givers to consider this advice when making a determination as to whether they are comfortable in allowing their children to continue to attend the stadium unsupervised. Perhaps some spot checks, calling out to the stadium and checking on your child from time to time may make them more accountable to remain within the stadium, creating that environment of uncertainty as to when they maybe sprung being somewhere they aren’t suppose to be. An email with this post will be sent to all parents of junior registered players through sports TG to ensure we get to as many parents/care givers as possible.

On another note could be we also ask parents of younger children within the stadium too keep a closer eye on them. We have noticed them running around the edges of courts etc a lot lately and are concerned that there will be an injury to either someone trying hard to avoid a collision with them or to the young child themselves. We acknowledge that they are young and like their freedom but we want everyone to be safe and have an enjoyable experience within the stadium.

Thanks all.

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To Qualify for finals you must have played 4 games in that grade!!

For seniors once you play 5 in a grade youn can't drop below that grade. 
That rule does apply for Juniors playing in senior grades, but it doesn't efeetc their ability to still play downin the registered junior grade/s.

Finals award

Many past WBA members have been asking if we are having an official naming ceremony for "Pat Kemp stadium".

The answer is yes! The proposed date and time is at our Summer Grandfinal night, Sat 14th Mar, before the Men's MA grade final.

Pats 40 years award

To all of our sponsors, volunteers, players, coaches, umpires and associations that participated in the 2020 McLeod Toyota Whyalla Basketball Carnival this weekend!

Our committee appreciates all the time, effort and money that goes into supporting our juniors in the game that they love.

Follow thias link to a whyalla news article on the event.

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The WBA welcome new sponsor MC Labour to our stadium. Their colorful corporate signage now adorns both crt 2 to and 3 score-bench's.

Sponsors help us to keep costs down to our members. As always please support those local businesses that support us.

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Some SUPER EXCITING news from the Australian Country Cup this last week, as it was announced that our very own Steeler Crystal Edwards has been selected to play for the Australian Country U14 Girls team in New Zealand later this year. Well done  crystal on a great event.

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As was reported back in October WBA recognised the contribution Pat Kemp has made to our association for over 40 years by naming the stadium in her honour. Currently Pat is visiting family in the UK and the news of the stadium naming has made the local media there. Personally I could not be prouder to see Pat's name attached to our stadium, her DNA is attached to every part our association. Congrats again Pat, enjoy the rest of your holiday and see you back here soon.

Registration for the 2020 Term 1 Aussie Hoops program has now been opened!!
Sessions start in Feburary. Initially timing will be the same as last season in that there is 2 x 50min sessions, initially split by age early on Saturday mornings. This may change as the basketball season finishes and the netball and Football seasons kick off.
The non compulsory "new participant packs", with ball, singlet, drink bottle,etc have changed this year. They cost a little more which they claim is a reflection of an increase in quality plus the inclusion of a backpack and a to your door delivery service instead of an Association based distribution.
To register Follow this link and clink on the Aussie Hoops box on the right.

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The WBA’s “AUSSIE HOOPS” junior development program is open for all 5-9 years olds and is again being run in 2020.

AUSSIE HOOPS runs in conjunction with school Terms, term 1 will be an 8 week term, starting Feb 1st. The 50min Sessions are run on Saturday mornings at the stadium. There is a 1 off upfront registration cost of $40 (which is just $5 a week). Registrations are not open yet, hopefully that will occur in the next week or 2. For new members there is also a non compulsory participation pack including a ball, drink bottle and AH singlet, this is made available during the registration process (cost is $35).

WBA are pleased to announce that Kylie Clothier will again by running the Aussie Hoops program for us. Kylie and her team of volunteers did a great job last term, having said that we are all learning with this new program and promise to continually fine tune and improve as we move forward.
Stay tuned for more AH updates.

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It's the responsibility of all users to return the stadium training key each night!! As it is common to have up to 6 different teams training on any night it is often confusing as to whose job it is to return the key, but logic says it is only fair to share that responsibility! If you've been coaching/training and the key is hanging on the hook as you leave please grab it and return it to 42 Kloeden St.
If the training key is not returned it means training will have to be cancelled on the following night. Unfortunately that has already happened a couple times this season.

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