Tonight the WBA released the Finals schedule. "1st Draft". See Below.
As per our lease agreement, we have had to squish our finals into the 5 days prior to the Whyalla show.
All nights will start 10 mins earlier than usual to allow full 1hr timeslots per rnd.
Mon, Tues and we are semis and prelims. Thurs and Fri are all GF Games.
Any concerns with this 1st draft schedule please let us know.

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Common Bylaws you need to know:
- All players need to be in the correct uniform by round 5.
- To be eligible to play Seniors Juniors must be too old to play U14's.
- Juniors can only play one age grade higher than their registered grade.
- Seniors can fill in for higher grades. BUT if you play more than 4 games above your registered grade you automatically become registered in the higher grade.
- Juniors can only play 2 junior games per week.
- Kids playing juniors and seniors can't play 2 senior games in the same week
- You can't play in two different teams in the same grade.
- To automatically qualify for finals you must play 4 games in that grade.
- A forfeit is considered a 0-20 loss you will also be penalized 2 premiership points. A $40 fine will given to your team if you don't notify by lunch time on the day of the game.


Over the next few weeks the WBA will be forced to make the following changes to the current schedule:

Week 7
June long weekend - This is traditionally a chaotic sport weekend for representative Netball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, etc. Thus the public holiday Monday games will be moved to Saturday the following week, 15th of June.

Week 6,
WASP camp - 20 or so of our WBA players, referee's and coaches are off to Adelaide for a School basketball camp. To stop forfeits Teams adversely effected by this Basketball event, ie missing 2 or more key players can request a change of game time, most likely to the 15th of June. If a suitable rescheduled time can't be negotiated the effected game may be called a draw. If this effects you please contact your club or the WBA ASAP.
As this is going to be tricky to sort out.

Week 9
5 Team Comps - In a 12 week Winter season 2 teams in each 5 team comp get ripped off as they have an extra bye. That means come end of season they are a game short. To solve this the WBA propose to play make up games for these 7 effected grades. Most likely on Saturday night 29 June.

There are currently no spare slots on weeknights in the schedule to play these makeup games. All clubs voted against trying to play these extra games in school holidays.

NOTE: These changes have not been made yet

At the completion of week 4 the WBA will meet with all clubs to look at where our competition is currently failing. Where possible we may agree to move some teams around to create closer competitions.
We can't fix all the worlds problems but seeing teams win or lose by 100pts for example has to stop, as this is not a good look, and drives players away from our sport.
If you have concerns about a team or players being in the wrong grade, voice it to your club.

Ray Girvan

From Steelers to Rockets:Tia Jan

This Months video interview instalemnet by Trevor Castle features another one of Whyalla's young female high flyers.

18 year old Tia Bails started her basketball career in U8's In our local WBA competition.
Llisten as Tia tells the story of her path from here to Steelers to State to District to Nationals to America and then to the SA Premier League.

 Click the Link below:

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CAPD stand for Community Athlete development program

he 1st CAPD training session is at the stadium tomorrow.

All registered WBA players welcome - training for skills development. Club coaches are also encouraged to come and watch or lend a helping hand - training will be provided by SA Country to coaches who want to be a part of the program.

All player abilities are welcome! This is purposely not an elitist program. Its a Basketball SA grass roots, fun, skill development program for all kids.



Good news this week our roof passed its first real rain test since we replaced our ridge capping back in January. All courts were in play all week .
Thank you to Carlsons Plumbing for instigating that repair.

NOTE: There is a new leak in the entrance, which although annoying isn't effecting the nights games.


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Its almost time, just one week till the start of the Winter 2019 season. There have been some fine tuning to the schedule over the Easter break so please recheck the schedule so as to not miss you game.
As usual the school holidays just prior to season startup makes training and organizing teams painful. Hopefully your coach/ team manager has been in touch with you by now.
Some teams are still missing players so if you haven't signed up do so ASAP. Remember if your not registered and financial your name will not appear in the tablet, thus you can't play!!
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The WBA has tentatively released its 1st draft playing Schedule for comment for the 2019 season.

Don't look to far past say week 5-6, I have concentrated on tweaking the first 1/2 of the season at this stage. There will be some manual manipulation of grades required, eg to balance out some late games particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday.
There is bound to be a few mistakes / changes to be made over the next few weeks but at least this 1st 1st draft gives players and parents an idea of when games will be played.
It is a 12 week season, with a 1 week finals squeezed in before the Whyalla show to avoid over winter sport finals.
We don't intend to play any games in the school holidays at this stage.
If you have any concerns please contact your club.


See attachment for all the MVP details for Summer.

Note: the U16BA and U16BB merged part way thru so they don't make sense in this auto generated list.




Ray Girvan

Ray Girvin is a true basketball tragic.  He fell in love with the game when he played his first game for a team called Nomads back in 1971. Back in those days anybody could nominate a team to play in any grade.( It was only later that the association decided it would be much easier to deal with clubs than individual teams, and so introduced a rule that every team needed to belong to a club and to be a club you needed to have a minimum of 3 teams) Ray Girvin took Nomads form a single C grade men's team to become one of the larger club in the WBA.  In 1988 Nomad's amalgamated with Brorowa Bears to from Wildcats as we know them today.

As a player Ray won numerous awards in regular season  competition as well as the many and varied carnivals he participated in. As a club administrator his legacy lives on through Wildcats.

As you listen to Ray tell his story his great passion for the game of basketball shines through. Since leaving Whyalla in 1981 Ray has become heavily involved with North Adelaide Rockets where his two sons both enjoys successful basketball careers.

Ray has also contributed to the Memory Lane tab on this website with a written version of his journey through Whyalla Basketball with the Nomads Basketball Club.




Well what a fantastic day and night of games. To finish of the Summer season for 2018/19
It started with our modies kicking off the day and receiving their participation medals. Well done to all our U/8's and U10's.
A great crowd packed the stadium all day. So many great games. Emotions were high with nearly half of the GF games ending up in upsets / underdog wins, 7 of the 25 games being decided by less than a Goal. This included both A grade finals. It was the first time in many years we have had close A grade games so this was a great end to the night.

The Men's A final was so close that it came down to a controversial decision on a heavy charge/ block call with just seconds remaining. The 3 Adelaide refs controlling the game peer reviewed the decision after the match on the video playback. They stand by their decision, bit it did involve them having to refer to the rule book for clarification a couple of times . Man of the match and WBA MVP Adam Nicol scoring 26 of Roopena's 46 pts to steal the win.

- For the 1st time in the Clubs short history Roopena had the most premiership with 7. They dominated the Men's grades
- Bevan as one of our smaller clubs Won the most games by % in the boys competition. A sign of hard work in that area.
- Titans should be happy with a 50/50 hit rate in the finals they competed in
- Wildcats performed well, making a lot of finals but were not able to close out as many as they would of liked.
- Our smallest club Sharks were unlikely to miss out on a premiership after pushing Roopena all game in the MC final.

Please don't read too much in to these finals Stats. Over time you generally see a swings and roundabouts scenario here. Last season Demons done well the season before it was Titans, etc.
The WBA wants is an even spread, which is a sign of a healthy competition. We believe In most grades we got it right this year.



Club Wins Finals made
Roopena 7 9
Demons 6 13
titans 5 10
Wildcats 4 12
Bevan 3 5
Sharks 0 1



Men's A Grade W1 45 R1 46
Men's A Reserves D1 41 W1 33
Men's B Grade R1 34 T1 26
Men's C Grade R2 41 E1 35
Men's D Grade T2 28 T1 25
Under 12 Boys Div A W1 43 D1 11
Under 12 Boys Div B B1 19 T1 16
Under 12 Girls Div A R1 27 T1 26
Under 12 Girls Div B W1 11 T1 15
Under 14 Boys Div A B1 51 W1 28
Under 14 Boys Div B R2 31 B2 24
Under 14 Girls Div A R1 29 W1 36
Under 14 Girls Div B D1 32 W1 23
Under 16 Boys Div A D1 34 W1 47
Under 16 Boys Div B B1 17 B2 51
Under 16 Girls W2 24 W1 38
Under 18 Boy's D1 48 D2 37
Under 18 Girls R2 66 D2 15
Women's A Grade D1 45 T1 47
Women's B Grade D2 24 R1 35
Women's C Grade D1 44 W2 30
Women's D Grade W1 20 T1 23
Women's E Grade D1 32 D3 25
Women's F Grade D2 21 T2 20
Women's G Grade R1 19 T1 44

With the onset of online Player stats. Every game you play becomes transparent to everybody. That means if your team cheated by playing an illegible player everyone can see that. The WBA have had numerous breaches forwarded to us.
Please make sure you know the bylaws, or at a minimum ask your club for advice when looking for Fill in players.