These are the new restrictions that will be in place for the remainder of this year from Tuesday the 1st of December, they will be reviewed in-line with any changes to the Covid Management, Major Emergency Declaration.
- A dedicated Covid Marshall will be in the stadium from the commencement of our game night to its conclusion. They will be identifiable as they will be wearing an orange safety vest. Please comply with their requests around Covid safety.
- Starting from Tuesday December 1 each CLUB will need to have a COVID Marshall present at their trainings. There will be penalties in place if this does not occur.
- Only games balls in the stadium, shooting on court at breaks in games will NOT be permitted. This will be strictly enforced.
- Lastly it is anticipated that the WBA will have a QR code that every person entering the stadium will be required to scan into their mobile phone. If you do not have a smart phone in order to do the QR sign in, we will have a hard copy sign in sheet, this will need to be completed in order to allow you entry into the stadium. If SAPOL attend it is incumbent on you to prove you have provided your details on entry, failure to do so may see you issued with an infringement notice. Both the QR and hard Copy sign in form will be situated at the entry point, a contactless hand sanitiser is also located there for your use.
Thank you for your cooperation, please keep an eye on this page for further updates.
WBA Management team